Being a writer has always been a part of my identity. Find out how much it means to me that you’ve helped me own it.

Since I’ve made this whole author journey public, a lot has changed.

I’m the writer friend now.

Being a writer has always been part of my internal identity. I’ve always loved to write. Even in elementary school, when we were given those lists of vocabulary words to put into sentences, I would try to craft my sentences to interlock as a short scene. It’s always been part of what I am– and I really do mean not just who I am, but what I am. The thing God made me.






But now– and this is really cool– it’s part of my public identity. It’s not just what I am or something I do. It’s who I am. It’s not just just between me and God and my laptop anymore. I’m seen. I’m the writer friend.

It’s not just a more personal connection with my friends and family, as they get to know this integral part of me. It’s also a really awesome encouragement and acknowledgement.

Since launching my social media pages and website, I have been asked to look over letters, proofread other websites, and critique college essays. I’ve been very purposefully consulted on the publishing process and even asked to partner on a project. There’s been this bizarre shift where I am suddenly looked at as an authority.

I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy it makes me.

Sure, probably at least a little of that is ego, but there’s more to it. See, although my pursuit of publication is now common knowledge, my actual novels aren’t public. What samples of my writing that exist to be read are generally limited to my blog, social media blurbs, my newsletter, and scattered randomness.

What that means is that most of my supporters believe in me on faith.

The people who know me looked at this goal of mine, thought for a second, and said. “Yep. She can definitely accomplish that. I’m in.”

The people who have read my work in advance of publication said, “WOW. Blew me away. How can I help?”

The people who know those people said, “Hmm. Based on those opinions and what little I see, I’m going to follow and support this author, cheer her on, share the journey. I think I’m going to like these books/ I think this person deserves support.”

Can you just take a minute and wrap your head around what that can mean to a person?

This post, more than anything, is a thank you. I want you all to really know how much your support means to me. Every encouraging word, every constructive criticism, every like or share or comment, is fuel in my puttering little author engine. All of you who have prayed for me, who have recognized how much this whole things means to me, who have offered help in any of a hundred ways, you just… you just can’t know how deeply I appreciate it.

I’m so glad I decided to share this endeavor with you all. I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful and supportive human beings.

And I LOVE being your writer friend.

Keep those proofreading and critique requests coming. I will do what I can for you <3

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