I set a lofty goal for myself at the beginning of this year: I wanted to have CROSSED LINES ready for alpha-beta reading by summer, and then I was going to switch back to FORBIDDEN and get it pitch-ready once more by fixing the panic edits I did last spring. Then, I still expected to have time for redrafting UNION, which is the provisional title for the sequel to FORBIDDEN.


I set all these goals forgetting that my first novel took fifteen years or so. I literally wanted to go from that kind of timeline, which was mostly within the part of my life when I had the most free time, to essentially finishing a book in less than a year. Plus extras.


Go ahead and laugh at me, I deserve it.



The truth is that after conquering my first NaNoWriMo, I got overconfident. I forgot what a perfectionist I can be. I also forgot that I had just started trying to get a blog and social media platform and email newsletter off the ground, all by myself, which is freakin’ time consuming. Oh, and I started homeschooling this year, too.

So you see my critical error(s).

I’m rethinking some priorities right now. I don’t want to lose what momentum I’ve gained with all of that platform stuff, because it would be hard to start over (and eventually, those elements of platform will become very important). However, investing time in all of that is a big part of why CROSSED LINES is coming along so slowly.

Ok, ok, I’m nearing the end of a second draft before the one-year anniversary of the first. That is a crazy big accomplishment compared to fifteen years! And yet, it is hard to be satisfied with that progress when I started with such high hopes and then encountered such distraction.

I’m seriously considering cutting my blog down to once a month, especially as I’ve joined the team at another blog (I’m not busy enough after all, right?) and formatting a post on my own site, with all the photos and search engine optimization and so forth, can eat up entire days (at least, the entire part of my day I could have used for writing). I’d really rather pour that energy into my novels.

And now I feel like I need to defend my decision to join the other blog. It’s called Moms Who Write, and not only is it a venue where I feel my experiences are actually able to reach the people they might help, but it’s a place where I have found a revitalizing community of women in my exact position of needing to chase this calling while balancing a family.

OF course, I’m really enjoying this new blog direction– sharing all my travels and exploits with you via The Adventure Log.

This My Journey Update, I guess, is less about where I’m at with writing and publishing and more about trying to figure out where to go.

Thanks for letting me use you all as a sounding board for all of this decision making. I do hope you’ll forgive me for the delay with CROSSED LINES; if you’d enjoy fun insights into the novel’s progress, characters, and world, make sure you take a sec and sign up for the newsletter.

In the meantime, just know that I will be getting those promised novels into your hands as soon as I can… but not until they are worthy of you.


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