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Moms Who Write

Want an inside look at the writing/publishing process? Whether you’re jus curious or hope to get your own book out there one day, or even if you just need help balancing life with your passions, Moms Who Write is a great place to get inspired– and I’m a regular contributor!

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Kathryn Tamburri, Author

Fantasy Writer.

Epic, non-explicit YA fantasy novels.

Sweeping new worlds.

Intense, slow-burn romance.

Incredible plot twists.


Real Life



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Welcome, Adventurer!



I’m so glad you found me here amidst the vast realm of the internet. 

For so long, I’ve lived my little fantasy worlds all by myself. I can’t wait for all of you to join me there! In the meantime, feel free to look around. Whet your appetite. Watch my journey as I strive towards publishing my debut novel—and hopefully, learn from it. Don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, so you can receive updates on publication and all the fun stuff happening here!


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